Fallouh Healthcare is a Innovative Medical Device start-up company developing medical devices used for monitoring patients following cardiac surgery.

The business is concentrating on finding a solution to a serious issue brought on by postoperative cardiac tamponade.

Although cardiac surgery is largely safe, some patients develop a life-threatening condition called cardiac tamponade in the immediate postoperative period. Cardiac tamponade is caused by the collection of blood clots in the pericardial space compressing the heart and compromising the cardiac output. The diagnosis of tamponade is subjective, difficult, typically happens late at night and can be confused with other causes of heart failure.

Ultimately, if post-cardiac surgery tamponade is suspected, it can only be excluded by opening the patient’s chest. If the diagnosis of cardiac tamponade is missed, it can lead to cardiac arrest which is resistant to CPR and requires immediate opening of the patient’s chest in the uncontrolled environment of the intensive care unit (ICU). This leads to high mortality (30-70%), poor outcomes for patients and high costs due to multi-organ support and renal dialysis. Early diagnosis of tamponade allows a planned return to theatre with reduced complications, mortality, and cost. Accurate diagnosis also stops unnecessary operations in patients with suspected tamponade benefiting both patients and the hospital.


Pericardial Device to monitor Cardiac output and diagnose Tamponade

Developed by a practising cardiothoracic surgeon, PerDeCT™ is the only device to diagnose cardiac tamponade and in addition of providing cardiac output measurement at no extra cost.

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